Beginning meditation is sometimes disappointing. Many people begin with the expectation that your mind will quickly become quiet and they can relax. In reality, it may be quite busy during meditation for a very long time. And now your doctor will tell you, your therapist will tell you, neuroscience will tell you, and Facebook articles will tell you that "meditation would be very good for you." So, why do so many try and then stop? The common answer is that "I couldn't get my mind to quiet down."

So, here is the good news: the goal of mediation isn't to erase thoughts but to learn what to do inside as thoughts occur. The sign that meditation is helping you is how your life improves outside of your meditation time. The benchmarks of progress of daily meditation might be that you become slower to anger, feel less frustration, and are able to make more reasonable choices in tough situations in relationships of all kinds--business, friends, spouses, and children.

This type of meditation is the simplest of the concentration styles. It follows the natural way that the brain and nervous system calms itself. Anyone can do it.

You will learn how to do focused meditation that uses concentration on a word or sound of your choosing and simple diaphragm breathing in the first coaching session. Subsequent sessions help to answer questions, deepen your experience of relaxation and keep on track with a daily practice If you have been frustrated in your attempts at meditation, this is for you. Meditating with an experienced meditator helps quicken your skill and deepen your experience.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing one's attention on the moment and task at hand. Meditation is softly focusing the mind to relax the brain and nervous system.

Meditation helps with Mindfulness. Mindfulness helps with Meditation.

Mindfulness and meditation partner to make your live more relaxed and feel like yourself in the good and bad times.

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Instructor: Don Elium has been engaged in meditation practices for over 40 years. He has a wide variety of experiences and instruction, and enjoys his own practice daily. He likes to sit and meditate regularly with others!

What is Mediation? 

Meditation is softly focusing and concentrating the mind 20 minutes or so, once or twice a day, that allows a more physical, mental and emotional calm to take resident in the moment to moment experience of your day.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing one's attention on the moment and task at hand.

Meditation helps with Mindfulness. Mindfulness helps with Meditation.

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