My practice is based in a private office alongside my home, located at: 2168 Norris Rd. Walnut Creek, CA 94596. You will be coming into a residential neighborhood so please drive slowly due to children and pets in the area.


Please note: Norris Road does not connect so you must come in from the Mt. VIEW entrance

Once on Norris Rd. go to the second house on the right. It is a GRAY house with WHITE trim. The mail box is COPPER (Brown) colored. Please do not park in front of mailbox. A second floor over the garage—this is the office.

You can park on the street in front of the house on either side of road. Please DO NOT PARK PAST OUR HOME/OFFICE ON THE STREET, NOR TURN AROUND AT THE END OF THE STREET.  The road beyond our home/office is a private road. So, please use the driveway, either side of the street in front of our home for parking and turning around. If you have special parking needs, please let me know so we can work that out.


On the left side of the house is a wooden gate (2168 in large brass letters) with a waiting area just inside to the left of that gate. 

Please come in and have a seat in the area to the left underneath the umbrella. I will see you drive up and at the time of your appointment, and I will meet you there. 

We currently do not have an indoor waiting area, so during the rainy season, you will need to wait in your car and I will come out to meet you for the first session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT take the Norris Road off San Miguel! 


Norris road does not connect so you MUST COME IN FROM THE MT. VIEW entrance.  If you are reading this and the road has ended and there is no 2168 you have to go back to San Miguel, turn right and go to the MT. VIEW entrance and the OTHER end of Norris Road is on the right. Turn right and you will see the mail box that says 2168 on it in front of yellow house.  It took the UPS delivery service 6 months to figure this out, so be patient with yourself if you are reading this at the OTHER end of Norris Road.

Good Neighbor Alert:  Please DO NOT drive past our house on NORRIS road, due to the county road ending in front of our home and a private road begins.  Turn around in our driveway or in front of our home. Also, please drive slowly due to children and animals at play. Thanks for your cooperation.  If you have problems, please let me know so we can work them out together.

And, just inside the wood gate to the left is a metal silver box to leave or pick up between sessions if ever needed.

See you there!

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