Individual Counseling

Even in the best of intentioned situations you sometimes learn to hide your true feelings about things to be able to fit into your families, work places, and social relationships. You fear that if you express your own needs and feelings, you will be seen as selfish, self-absorbed or not responsible. However, how can you be responsible (response-able) when pretending to feel, think or act in ways that go against how we really feel? This habit becomes exhausting to the body, mind and spirit, so overwhelming that you are unable to respond to what is really going on around you and feel trapped.

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Realizing that you have lost this connection to yourself can feel very uncomfortable, even painful. To be more open about your feelings requires a surprising new step. It requires compassion, kindness and mercy turned inward toward yourself and your own feelings and needs.

Self-compassion, Self-kindness and Self-mercy are the paths to finding both your energy and yourself as you turn toward what you really feel and are able to think reasonably about the situations that are overwhelming and distressing in yourself, family and work situations.

I'd like to help you make the real changes that you need to make to be right with yourself.


This therapy is designed to create as much progress as possible in each session. The length of therapy always depends upon what you want to accomplish. I will be glad to speak with you by phone to answer any of your counseling questions and to see if I am the right fit for you and your circumstances. 

In-office sessions available in Walnut Creek, CA San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

If you are in the state of California, TeleVideo Counseling sessions are available while on vacation, traveling on business or if you simply live outside the San Francisco Bay Area where coming to the office is not possible. TeleVideo Counseling Sessions are through a secure internet connection, on any internet-connected device, and HIPPA compliant. Click Here for more info.